You are looking for financial audit services Brasov? ACCOUNTINGG ONE offers financial audit services based on complex and efficient operations through which accounting information is translated into terms such as performance and correctness.

When running a business, the analysis of financial performance and the concordance between documents and accounting data and the company's accounting accounts can be the most important ingredient for success. Such an analysis made with the help of professionals is called a financial audit.

The financial audit can be of several types

1. Internal audit. It is an audit carried out within the company, by its own auditor or by an external auditor. Its purpose is to analyze compliance with the rules established at the internal level and to avoid various risks.

2. External audit. It is an audit carried out by an external auditor and can be of two types: statutory (analysis of annual financial statements and analysis of compliance with legislation) or contractual (financial analysis based on express requests, for example when acquiring a company, when changing the shareholding of a company , when accessing European funds, accessing bank loans, etc.)

We offer you complex financial audit services

No matter what type of financial audit you need, at ACCOUNTING At ONE you find a team of professionals to help you. We have CAFR certified auditors, with vast experience in the field, who can quickly understand the organizational structure of the audited company and can offer the best solutions to help it.

When is the financial audit necessary?

  • When the law requires it. From the point of view of the legislation, there are several companies that are obliged to do a financial audit. For the audit to be mandatory, the company must tick two of the following 3 conditions: have assets greater than 3,650,000 euros, have a turnover greater than 7,300,000 euros or have more than 50 employees ;
  • When the company is one of public interest.
  • When you want a clear statistic on the company's financial activity, which can help long-term development.