You are looking for one insolvency office in the BrasovACCOUNTING ONE is close to you. The insolvency office ACCOUNTING ONE, can help you prevent or get over insolvency well.

Any company administrator is scared by the idea of going into insolvency. Unfortunately, every year several thousand businesses end up initiating the insolvency procedure, caused either by bad management of resources, or because of some mistakes or simply the general financial situation.

For any company, regardless of the phase it is in (start-up or stage of sustained growth of operations), understanding insolvency is very important, because it can prevent its declaration

What actually is insolvency?

Insolvency is the situation in which a company ends up not being able to pay its debts. Once insolvent, a company ends up generating mistrust among its partners and is much more vulnerable to bankruptcy.

Insolvency is not the end of the company's activity, but only a procedure through which the company is offered the opportunity to return to the financial state prior to the decline. In the procedure, a reorganization of the activity and a very good communication with the creditors is necessary.

We help you get over insolvency

to ACCOUNTING ONE, we have extensive experience in financial-accounting procedures and we can help you get through the unpleasant moments of the insolvency period. We offer you services such as:

  • consulting in the field of insolvency;
  • Administrative liquidations;
  • Preparation of a plan for reorganization;
  • Preparation of company analysis reports;

Supervising the activity and fulfilling the duties of a special administrator.

Insolvency can be prevented

For any company administrator, prevention is the most important. In order to avoid insolvency, an efficient management of the entire activity and maintaining a balance between expenses and income is very important.

Also, the prevention of insolvency can also mean the permanent monitoring of business partners for the early identification of vulnerabilities that can affect the business.

Regardless of whether you are already going through the insolvency procedure or you want to prevent it, we help you, putting all the experience and all the knowledge we have to the test.